From our workshop in Taunton Somerset we bespoke manufacture dog cages for most cars and vans. Designed to maximise space to ensure your dog is travelling safely, in comfort and in style. 

Designed for Safety

Your dogs safety is our top priority and with that in mind, all of our cages are manufactured from high quality box section and 38mm mesh. As standard our cages feature escape doors providing multiple exits from each section.

As our cages are custom made we only offer them fully installed which is included in the price you pay. Unlike our competitors we do not use ratchet straps to secure the cages. Instead the cages are securely bolted to your vehicle and where possible using existing mounting points. This means the cages can easily be removed if you decide to sell your vehicle.

Designed for Comfort

Being bespoke enables us to maximise the available space providing your dog with the ultimate comfort and security.

We use compression latches and soft pads on all our cages this ensure that all unnecessary noise, rattles and vibrations are minimised.

Optional Extras

Our cages are tailor made to fit you and your dog’s lifestyle. We offer a wide range of options, our most common can be seen below. Additional security can be added to the cages.

Jump board

Our most common addition, the fold down jump board not only helps dogs enter but also exit the cages with increased ease and comfort. It also provides a perfect space to wash and dry your dog at a comfortable height for you.

Hooks and storage

We can include storage compartments built into your cages. Our simple and most useful addition is our lead hooks securely attached to the side of your vehicle, designed to secure a lead after that long muddy walk.

We also have another version which we can attach in various places to your vehicle that are used to clip leads onto for easy storage.

Non slip matting

As standard we utilise the vehicles existing floor covering for the bottom of the cage, for the top cage we add a plywood floor. To these you can add your own bedding.

We can also fit easy clean non slip matting to all cage floors.

Powder Coating

For durability all of our cages are Powder Coated this not only protects but allows for a whole host of colour options.

Find out more information below

Powder Coating

Thank you for the wonderful dogs cages they are magnificent. The dogs are truly travelling in style now

The cages are fantastic, they get so many compliments.

I had new cages made for my van a very reasonable price, a fabulous job done and a very professional service. 

How to Order

We have made the process as easy and hassle free as possible. Offering a completely free quotation and consultation, so even if you are just looking to get some ideas. We are happy to help.

Step  1: get in touch

Please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page with the make and model of your vehicle and your basic requirements. 

step 2: consultation

We will arrange a suitable time for you to visit the workshop. During the appointment we will discuss your full requirements including layout, fittings, colours and any extras. We will also take full measurements of your vehicle for use when we manufacture the cages.

step 3: quotation

A complete written quotation outlining the total cost will be sent to you.

Step 4: Manufacture

Once you are happy with the quote. We then manufacture your cages to your requirements in our workshop from raw materials. The cages are then sent for powder coating.

You will be updated at each stage of the manufacturing process.

stage 5: fitting

Once the cages have been powder coated. We will arrange with you a suitable day for fitting, a weekend fitting is available if required.

Your cages will be securely installed into your vehicle and once complete carry out a full quality check.