What is Galvanizing?

Used for applications requiring the ultimate protection from the elements. It is economical and maintenance free, providing a highly durable coating.

First the parts are chemically cleaned to remove any oil or dirt. Once rinsed the parts are lowered into a bath of molten zinc where is heated to around 450°C. The parts are then left to cool in a quench tank, once fully cooled the zinc is then metallurgically bonded to the steel.

In hollow sections holes are drilled at certain points, this prevents the build up of gasses. It also allows the molten zinc to flow inside completely encasing the item thus giving it superior protection. Once finished these holes can be plugged to prevent water ingress and to hide them.

After Galvanizing

You have the choice of:

Leaving as a galvanized finish 

To add colour and additional protection, the item can be powder coated on top of the galvanising.

Please click the link below for more information on powder coating and the colours available.


Powder Coating
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